Smartphones, mobiltelefoner, mobiler, phablets

Smartphones, mobiltelefoner, mobiler, phablets

måndag 7 augusti 2017

Sony Xperia XZ

Sony Xperia XZ is a flagship mobile from 2016 and has most of the specs that was usual in flagship phones from that year.
Sony Xperia XZ has the usual boxy design as other cellphones from the same manufacturer but the edges is slightly rounded of. However the top and bottom is totally flat witch gives the mobile phone and different design than other flagship phones made by other manufacturers.
The phone has an unibody construction, a metal back plate and plastic around the sides of the phone.
This phone has an USB Typ C port on the bottom and a finger print scanner in the power button on the right hand side of the cellphone. The fingerprint reader is missing in the US and that's a shame for people living there because they won't get that important feature.
Sony Xperia XZ has an dedicated camera button on the side and that's a good thing that is missing on other phones out there. It's a quick and easy way to the camera.
The front camera is on 13 Megapixels and the rear mounted camera is at 23 Megapixlels and has laser autofocus, LED flash and EIS.

This smartphone has a 5,2 inch LCD display with 1080×1920 pixels. The pixel density lands at 424 ppi.
QHD displays is generally expected in this range of phones these days but it isn't a problem for me personally. You are not going to notice a big difference with the display on Sony Xperia XZ and a HD display is better for the battery life during the day.
The battery is at 2900 mAh and supports fast charging via Quick Charge 3.0 and that's a fantastic function that's very convenient and difficult to live without when you have gotten used to it.
The battery life isn't going to blow your mind, it will last you through one day with normal use.
The RAM memory is at 3 GB and the internal memory is at 32 or 64 GB depending on what model of the phone you choose. There is room for a memory card up to 256 GB and that's an great sheap option if you would need more memory in your device. On memory cards is it often not possible to save system updates or applications and that is something that is important to know before you buy your new mobile phone.
It is powered by a Quad-Core Snapdragon 820 processor of 2,15 GHz and that's a top processor that was usual in many of that years flagships.
The operation system is Android 7.0 Nougat and it's one of the latest updates of the system.
Sony Xperia XZ is a great premium mobile phone with great specifications and an IP68 Certification that makes it possible for the phone to be on 1,5 meters deep water in 30 minutes.
Never choose your next smartphone on impulse without always making a thoughtful decision based on how you use your mobile phone.

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